best way to make your muscles harder is endurance training, low weight high rep, tones them up instead og bulking them up, u wanna build them up big first then tone them, best way to get big solid muscles if u ask me.

Wrong, wrong wrong.

Lifting a light weight 1000s of times does didly squat for making your muscles any bigger or stronger. All that will happen is that you will be able to curl that little weight. Not useful for martial arts or life.

Toning is a load of crap. Lifting heavy weights to build muscle, and then lowering your body fat % to alow enough levl will make you cut.

The reason your muscles feel harder after doing endurance exercises, is because blood is pumping through them to give them energy. When the blood leaves, the muscle feels normal again.

I do a 100 pushups before going out on a date to have the pumped up look . My definition of false advertising . It wears off pretty quickly.