once you done lefting you would want to eat protein but not to much protein. sometimes when im done i just drank a cup of soy milk.

I'd really stay away from soy milk if I was you! Firstly its not milk, its a bean. Guess it wouldnt sell very well if they called it what it is, Bean Juice.

Here is why soy is bad, and should be removed from your diet.

1. It contains large amounts of Phytic acid. These block the assimilation of minerals in the body. The phytic acid is not neutralised during the processing of soy foods.

2. Soy leads to deficiencies in calcium and Vit D due to it's mineral blocking inhibitors

3. Soy interfers with normal protein digestion in the body due to its trypsin inhibitors

4. The soy phytosetrogens distrupt your bodies endocrine function and cause infertility. Its like taking a female birth control pill!!!

5.Soy contains high levels of aluminium

Check out t nation for some more reasons why soy should be banned.