I've been wanting to get into sparring for a long while but the problem is at my dojang we have sparring classes but we dont really "spar" per se. what we do is one person will do a specific attack and another person will do a specific counter attack and we'll keep doing this over and over again and take turns doing it. the problem is that this isn't real sparring and I'd like to get into some real freeform sparring with someone. But most of my friends aren't martial artists and the ones who have done martial arts before dont want to do martial arts again and don't want to spar me because they don't want to do it anymore. My other friends don't want to help me either. my dad is stationed in another city (he's in the national guard)and my brother is in college. neither of them get to visit home often and when they do, they are usually really busy and rarely have time to help me spar and plus dad has a bad back so he can't help me that much anyway. I dont know of any place around my area that i can go to to spar and i don't have a whole lot of money to get into a gym. Is there any advice anyone could give me. Any help at all would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for all the help,
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