in my sociology lesson today i was sat next to my mate called Chris. and we always joke on slapping each other on the back and stuff. well today he randomly stood up, shouted 'im sick of you michael' and punched me in the face. he then proceeded to sit down again and get on with his work.

so after he punched me i sat up, and just laughed it off. after the lesson i caught up to him, stuck my hand out for him to shake it and said 'it wasnt worth it chris. if it was getting to you that much you should have just said. imsorry though.' and left it at that.

do you think i could have handled the situation better? and if so what should i have done? im a thai boxer, but i didnt really think resorting to violence was the right thing to do. but what should i have done in the situation? because now everyone in the class is mocking me for not hitting back