I've had many but this one stands out above all the others. This guy is almost as old as I am, we were in our 30s when he was my student. He told me he had studied numerous Martial arts but didn't have any rank in any. He stated that he studied under most of the Instructors teaching in the area, he stated that they would always try to hurt him because in his opinion he was a threat to them. I considered him a assoicate and had plans to give him a foundation and structure.

He particpated in all the class events but in a self defense drill that were not lock throw, he would hold on. We have a choke defense that releases and strikes with an elbow. I talked about saftey and moved slowed until they got control. Still he'd hold on looking like this doesn't work. I called one of my seniors to do the technique with me as his uke, with a helmet on. Of course it dropped me. he still didn't get it. So I placed him in the helmet he felt the technique out of the helmet he still held on. I explained that if you hold on you make the elbow more effective and showed him.

As things went on he questioned things that were not like what he learned, he sometimes knew the how, but not the why. He got hurt a number of times in self defense and spontaneous attacks (mock muggings) disregrading the saftey factor. No matter how I stressed we have to keep it real but also keep it safe.

He liked sparring but his movement was very basic, he knew the basic of how, but not why or when to set things up or defense r how to avoid contact. He eventually quit saying that he is too old to keep getting hurt trying to prove what works and what doesn't. I told him I now understand why the other Instructors would hurt you. You are trying to show them that what they do don't work. Almost in your own world, when they show you their art works then you feel threaten.
He left saying," That Bruce (Lee) said that we should put on gear & go full out". I asked him how long had, Sifu Lee been his instructor, this was in 1989-92, Lee died in the 70s. I asked When are you ever going finish anything from Marriages, Boardcasting school and the numerous dojos when it didn't go your way, you quit. The sad part is you have potentials in each.

This was definitely the worse student/associate, I've ever tried to teach. He had basic skills but no knowledge. And a closed mind, if Bruce didn't say it.

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