Man, this thread is going to give me a complex. As a person who

when he gets on the mat, it's like he's confused, angry, frustrated, and has left his brain along with his shoes off the mat

And who also

saying stuff like, "oh, that was a good punch," or "too slow! try it like this next time,"

and who pretty frequently requires reminders like,

"No, your other right hand"

I'm not even including (ok, now I am) that I

would sweat buckets while we would be doing techniques (Aikido) you couldnt even hold onto his wrist because it was so slippery or when he would pin you and you were on the ground you could feel the sweat run off of him and hit you in the back off the head.

I must be the worst student ever... How is that all of you have trained with me?

At least I haven't pooped on the mat yet.
I have never made but one prayer to God..."O Lord make my enemies ridiculous" And God granted it.