OK, how do I describe Bronstein?

As the entire class was going down the floor doing front punches in a front stance, the skill is rather basic...for most people. Bronstein, on the other hand, never mastered that coordinated technique.

As I call ONE, the entire class moves forward as a unit and punches with a resounding yell. Bronstein is still figuring out the step part. Now that he has moved one foot in front of the other, the punch part commences.

"OK, right foot, right hand. No, the other right hand. Now, punching hand turns palm down and the hand by your side turns palm up." I move the punching hand into place for him. "Now make the other hand palm up. NO, NO keep the punching hand palm down like this. Good, but keep the other hand palm up." Both hands turn. ARRRGH! I grab both hands and move them into place. "Now STAY like that for just a second." The rest of the room has waited paitently, holding the stance, sweating, with arms getting heavy as the minutes tick by during the time it took to get Bronstein's first step sorted out.

Oh my, "Ready, TWO!" And we start the confusion of which hand is out, palm up, palm down all over again. "No, no, the other..."

Poor Bronstein only lasted a month or so in the class but his memory lives on. Whenever a new student was having a tough time sorting out the basics of a skill, I would tell them about Bronstein and how well they are doing by comparison.

Thereafter, if someone was having a really bad day, it became, "Someone is having a Bronstein day!"