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1st post

Yeah so first impressions out of the way im a 5th kyu in Karate and my dojo has a varied selection of students....
One guy is terrible just took his 5th kyu an "passed" he is banned from grading for 6 months but recieved the belt anyway.

He complains about the standards of teaching constantly and cant accept the fact hes just a natural reject...anyhoo i was sparring against him and he flies forward guard down with no control, so i thanked him for the opportunity and landed a solid jab to the head! He picks himself up and proceeds to do a jump front kick, he flies forwards an lands on his face...apparently he "got me" with his extended hand i let brush my leg because i was too shocked to block it. He picks himself up again and does a round kick which i catch and he hits the deck for a third and final time.

Good news is hes decided to quit one less fool to bother me and seeing as a good friend of mine has decided to join the club it seems to be looking good socially in my dojo

Ted - good to finally be a part of this
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