I'm only a beginner, yellow belt. So second belt up. Anywys... there are people who have been there longer than me by far, older than me, stronger than me, that just don't seem to get it. One guy has the mind of a child. Me and him were practicing one steps, I showed him the right way, and I knew it was right or else sifu wouldn't have told me to teach him. And he goes and says, "but it should look something like this". He then proceeds to show me some ridiculous thing where he twists his whole body to the point of almost losing balance. From there hr tried to finish the block. Just really bad form. I don't get how he can take a martial art for a year or so and just have no form, no power, no anything.

Another guy, I was belt testing. One move in the one step requires you to block a roundhouse kick to the head. I was preparing to block and lo and behold... he kicked me in the nutes. Thankfully, it wasn't a very hard kick.