I was teaching a class on sparring to help some students get ready for a big tournament and I was working with one of our female brown belts. We started and she would only throw a roundhouse kick or try to just step in and punch. Well when she would do this I would side kick her just above her belt. After I did this to her three or four times she got frustrated so I gave her some advice. Well that didn’t take because she kept doing the same thing. Then I told her that if she kept doing that I was going to keep kicking her. Well she stepped in and I side kicked her and I said “like that” then she did it again and I said the same thing. Well she kept doing the same thing, so I just started counting each time I side kicked her. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Then I got tired of that and we ended our match up so I could move on to someone else. She never did get it.