I've been in my class for 15 years and in those years two kids in particular stand out in my mind.
*One little boy (very sweet story) was about 6-7 and I was one of the assistant instructors. He would insist on sitting next to me when the head instructor told everyone to have a seat in the back. He would just stare at me with admiring eyes and say,"Miss Harbaugh." "Yes?" "You look very pretty today." (I'm just in my uniform sweating a little) "Thank you." "Miss Harbaugh". "Yes?" "I like your hair like that." (it was just thrown in a pony tail with fly aways galore)"Thank you." It went on for months. I thought it was so sweet. Sorry to see him go.

*Child from hell. I had one student in my class that knew everything before it was taught to him. He would pick his nose and wipe his finger on his gi while I was talking to him. He would also scratch, burp and fart with no regard to others standing in front of him. Oh and he would also smell his arm pits periodically during class and no he didn't wear deodorant. I'm sure he had some issues. He was so bad the instructors would play rock, paper, scissors to see who would teach him that day. Not sorry he's gone!

*My personal favorites are the ones who start sparring for the first time and don't want to be paired up with me because I'm a female and they don't think that they would be able to learn anything from sparring a girl.(I'm about 5'6" and 130lbs) My instructor just looks at them and smiles. After I spar them they usually have a different out look on sparring "just a girl"
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