I used to take Shinkendo for a bit. The class drew many MA people from all over the area. Well I apparently “offended” one of the MA guys from another school. When we where changing out, he approached me and started telling me how he could withstand 3,000 PSI to his forehead. He seriously asked me to hit him. He gets all squared up and got real animated about it. They guy was kinda freaking out wanting me to hit him in the head.

About a year or so later, I was talking to a kid from Vietnam that was telling me about a guy from this other school (at the time he did not use names) that called him up in front of the class and asked him to hit him in the stomach. He told me that in VN if an instructor asks you to do something you do it, so he hit him. The guy dropped like a rock.

Turns out it was the same guy.

-- -JBC-