well in our dojo we have this one guy whos about 16, the funny bit is that at orange belt level( like me ) he knows almost nothing of the art, and when we spar he goes into a ridiculous mortal kombat stance (scorpion) , with the fist beghind the head and other hand dropped low, and he bounces around like its tekken lol, its incredibly funny to watch lol..if anyone played mortal kombat theyll know what i mean :D:D

Hey now that's a cool looking stance...it may not be effective but it looks nice.

This reminds me of a kid we had. He always wanted to learn “X” like batman does.

- Teach me to kick down doors like batman does
- teach me to jump spin and kick like batman does

The list went on. The sad part was he was 15-16 years old. We had to assume that he had some issues…

-- -JBC-