I don’t know if this would count as the worst ever but…

The students that frustrate me the most are the ones that “know” every form ever created but can’t do any of them correctly.

I had a student in about as snotty of a tone as could be mustered tell me “Well I know 14 forms!!!” She was assisting me in remembering one that I had not done in some time and she had made a major mistake; I attempted to correct her, and that was her response – best part is she is a few ranks below me. W/O skipping a beat I said “I can eat a whole gallon of ice cream, the problem is I just end up with a mess on the floor”. Apparently my comment was so random that she did not get what I was saying.

Since forms are what I work the hardest on I hold back on learning new ones. I get the “how many can you do” question a lot since most lower belts do know a higher quantity than I do; I usually just say that I am still working on 1 but for some reason she struck a nerve.

I actually had a 3rd degree come down hard on me that I did not know a sufficient number of forms. He was the assistant instructor for that particular class and he did not know me at all; he really went over board, to the point of telling me in front of the class that I should not even be wearing my BB any more. I approached him after class and politely asked him to Demo first form w/opponents for me cuz I needed some help with it. He gave me a huff and grabbed a few students and set up the scenario - we use the pawlge forms. He went with the standard turn down block against a kick, step outside block against a punch. I politely commented that what I was needing help with was this – I set up a different scenario controlling 3 students per move only doing the first two moves (Down block, outside block). When I got to this point I said I was looking for help on the turn. He gave this odd look so I just said I would ask the GM. I thanked him for his time and walked away. The instructor for the class just giggled (he was my buddy and knew where I was going). The next week the same 3rd degree asked if I could help him out w/his lower forms. Personally I thought it was better than an apology.

Like I said, not the worst ever but funny non the less,

-- -JBC-