lol...I certainly don't envy all of the teachers/baby sitters out there changing toddlers gi-diapers in between nap times. you DO realize that while you call it teaching 'martial arts' to preschoolers, what you are actually doing is providing a playgym at a fraction of the cost of an actual playgym - hence a possible reason parents decide to drop their toddlers in a kidojo. around this area, we have an actual playgym called 'kidsports' that doesn't need to masquarade as a lil' ninja school or anything since they have qualified and trained staff to teach preschoolers without requiring that they wear costumes with illusionary rank prizes. The kids are introduced to all different types of sports and the staff are trained or are college students in early childhood development fields....they even know how to change diapers and deal with 'accidents'.

so anyone saying that toddlers/young kids are 'the worst students ever' needs a reality check and should peek their own diaper....the youngins aren't bad students - they are just at the wrong place with unqualified staff. kids younger than 2nd grade are better served with a variety of introductory sport activities at qualified playgyms not dojo lil dragon programs that are just looking to increase monthly revenue.

think about that next time you are moping up formula and stomach acid or have to stop class while someone tantrums for their binky or next belt color.