I guess enough time has passed, to mention about this guy who was at a family dojo I was a student at briefly. Before his first class, he comes out and the first thing he does is go to the middle of the dojo floor and does a full split. lol o...k. impressive. what was funny is two of the wise-ass brown belts who have a great sense of humor, acted like they were clapping applause.
later, I talked with him and turns out he took a japanese style of competition karate...a derrivitive of shotokan. he made it a point to bad-mouth okinawan styles of karate as non-effective for defense, kicks too low, damaging training methods, dumb looking kata, no power etc. I let him ramble on until he asked if I did any styles previous to 'this place'. I said yes, Goju Ryu. he never heard of it. I asked him if he ever heard of Matsubayashi Ryu, he said yes, he tried it before but didn't like it. I let him in on the fact Goju and Matsubayashi are 2 fairly popular, if not main styles on Okinawa since they originated there. {blank stare}. I also pointed out the kanji on the wall in the dojo, and the kamiza that had a picture of Nagamine...asked him if that struck any bells with him...nope. I had to break it to him, that he was once again a member of a Matsubayashi dojo. lol
during class, he had the most rediculous kiai that sounded like a high pitched cry for a trophy, I swear I saw some chips of paint fall after his shreiks. he went to a few classes and then disappeared...echos of his kiai could still be heard when you pressed your ear to the kamiza wall.