I've got a couple. One was a kid who's hands were always digging and scathing all over his body. The head instrutor was unable to work with him and always tryed to get my wife or me to work with him. Because of this kids body habits it made my skin claw to touch him. After class as fast as posible I have to go to the restroom to wash. I might add this kid had soom real promblems.
Another student on my level was always trying to grapple with me. I always won even tought I'm older and slower, I was just better at it[no not better then everyone just better then him]. After he lost a couple times right before he quite, he started to tell me why he tought he really should have won, even thought he had always tapped out.
Now I'm off in my own school and one night I'm teaching basic grapping when a new 16 year old student graps me about the neck without warning and wants to know what I would do. Don't you love it when they ask for it, but he didn't learn either. He didn't last that long either.
well have fun Alan