I remember this one kid that came to our class. I really think this kid was sheltered from the outside world because he didn't know how to act around people. His favorite thing to say was "I was wondering" no matter what the situation was he had to wonder something about it. Well this kid would over commit all of his technique so bad that it just made him look sloppy and pointless. I think the kid just thought he looked so cool in a Gi lol. Well the last straw was when I was working with him on some Ippon Kumite and I was being very impatient with him because of his disrespect for the ranks and talking out of turn and things. I was working him on his punching and I told him to punch forward and keep his shoulders square. He over commited again and punched me right in the nose. I felt my body started boiling and I got mad actually very mad because my face was no where near where his fist should have went so I took him off the mat and told him "You have a lack of discipline and no control and you never listen to a word I say. I told him I was about 3 seconds from putting his face in the ground (I know, bad Sensei). I could see with this kid after all the attempts to teach him that it was a waste of my time. He left and never came back but it was for the best.

He was a teenager not a kid so don't mistake that lol.
Be "Water" my friend!