*about 3 months ago one of my instructors was teaching a student privately and then asked me to take him...as he was getting too busy with work (or as the lie goes ) turns out the kid was a nightmare! would run around screaming, wouldnt stay still, would just sit down and pout "I DONT LIKE KARATE"... oh and laid down while running in a circle (Homer Simpson Style). came to a point where I looked up at the father and asked him to step on the floor to receive some instruction since his son was not willing. He declined and he paid for one more private lesson. He showed up for the last lesson and I basically "beat" his son with a foam bopper the whole 30min. of course I gave the kid one too (did him little good MUUUHAHAHA)

*had one woman join who was just a little off if you know what I mean. Completely uncoordinated. Punched herself in the face doing a double block. And always clearing her throat in a weird way. Always asked the "What If" questions.

*had one guy come in the club who was also a little off personality wise. Never really listened to the instructors regarding form and structure as he had taken Aikido previously. Didnt pass his orange belt exam (2nd belt) because of this. My instructor at the time (a woman) took him aside privately when I wasnt there and told him he had failed but will give him a chance to make it up. Turns out he freaked out on her in a very uncomfortable way. Her husband (also my instructor) told me what happened and said if he comes back that I had to Bogu him with extreme prejudice since I was the senior student. Luckily he never returned.

not as good as the others but thats all I got.
"I'm gonna come at you like a spider monkey"