i've heard this one before. a guy told me he wouldn't shake my hand or knuckle up or anything because he was worried about me robbing his chi. he got upset when i asked him if he robs himself when he takes a shower.

LOL! I fell out of the chair with this one.

*Before I started to teach my instructor was head of the junior division at our school. I remember this one kid in there that would try to hit people in sparring with the "Tornado Technique". He would have his arms straight out and spin like crazy trying to hit people with it until our very best student sidekicked him into a wall. I felt bad for the kid but he didnt last that long anyways.*

Sadly enough we run a strict school and alot of people weed out very quickly with our rules. I have seen some funny things students do but thats a whole new thread.
Be "Water" my friend!