LDH - I don't get your name - do you hate "lame dojos" or are you a lame "dojo hater" hmmmm

I agree with everything the others have said. Rank is not that important. You seem too caught up with competing with everyone around you and way to focussed on "wow I started 6 months after him and we're both the same rank, How good am I" Ignoring the fact that as you progress up the ranks it takes longer and longer to achieve the next belt so most people who start within a year of each other will end up the same rank eventually. You have not yet realised that training in martial arts is an idividual journey. You must work together with your fellow students but ultimately it is about bettering yourself, not a race to the next belt. No matter who gets there "first", your green belt is no better or worse than anyone elses. The belt just denotes a minimum level of proficiency in an individual style. Oh, and the guy who got his green belt before you does outrank you (since rank is so important to you)
As for kicks above the waist - my head instructor has been training for over 40 years - he had a serious accident several years ago and now cannot kick above his waist but I have a feeling he'd still kick your a$$!
I'm assuming that you are still young, but consider focussing on your own training, not everyone elses, and a dojo works better if everyone is trying to help each other out, not bit$$ing about each other behind people's backs.