*One guy who's in my intermediate class is just a little strange. I can't tell exactly what's going on, but he acts normal and seems to actually be pretty funny, but when he gets on the mat, it's like he's confused, angry, frustrated, and has left his brain along with his shoes off the mat. Very odd, really .

Sounds like me as soon as I step into the dojo - adrenaline from excitement.

As a student myself the worst are teenage boys...for the first couple of weeks anyway. Usually they learn the hard way after a couple of weeks.

We also used to have a girl whose eyes would constantly fill with tears during class, she would berate herself after each technique even though she was pretty good and very natural for a beginner.. it`s hard to train at your best when she is punishing herself for not being able to do in a month what has taken you 2 years to achieve. She left after 4 months and after that time I thought she was as good as some people who had been there longer than me, oh myself included of course. Her self confidence never improved like her technique did.

We also had a guy that used to turn up to charm the ladies, strangely that did`nt last long.

Those are my principles, and if you don`t like them...well, I have others.