anyone care to share your nightmare stories of the students from Hell?

* We had a guy with a spitting habit...on the dojo floor. the same guy used to blow snot rockets on the wall or wipe it on his Gi. He quit in less than a year.

Hey dude thats my habit,,,see while your watching the snot and if you sparred with me,, you wouldnt notice my techniques ,you never trained hard enough to cough spit ,and buster douglas was seen to have been doing against tyson,,,maybe thats why he got k.o.d I hope if you ever have to defend yourself you aint gonna be watchin the snot and not your attacker.
"Hey man great snot ouch"
Na realy some people spit before they attack,, distraction technique? maybe a 10th dan sensei taught him this technique...ooohhh grasshopper spit two three spit,,,,mawashi geri ---spit----- mawishi -geri
ooohhh grashopper you are spitting well here is your dan grade ooohhh where is my cash grashopper,,,,
* we had a tall overweight 30-something eagle boy scout who still lived with his mother. constantly complained red-in-the-face when you hit him too hard. nickname: Baby Huey. lasted 6 months.

Hey man go easy on people like this thats why they do martial arts.
* biker guy. sortof cool but slightly crazy personality. in the dojo he was an over-intense A-hole. (he made it to green belt and quit -we later found out he was in jail). He insisted on full-contact to people joining on their first week. always smelled like weed. and when he laughed, moose would come out of nearby woods thinking they've found a mate. always forgot to take his rings off before kumite. always had problems with dues.

Only moose????
Sooner or later in your training, you are bound to see a few people cross your path that cause you to ask yourself... WTF was THAT?

lets hear 'em.

The best one is the yellow belt who is in fact an under cover highly trained reborn ancient ninja sent to see if the karate katas are still being used as a dance,
They are the ones to watch out for.