HA HA! Some of these are hallarious. So i have to share mine.
We had a guy come in who had taken kung fu before hand. This Kung Fu-he claimed to me- was a extremelly rare style, known as, no lie "Japanese Kung Fu". So of course i asked him where i could find one of these schools and he quickly responded by naming a few capital cities. The same guy also told me of an instance where he was about to be mugged by 5 guys and as soon as they attacked, he remembers nothing, just that he woke up with a bar in his hand and all the would-be muggers around him unconcious. He said the instance frightened him because of how he knocked them all out so he quit kung fu soon after. He was a strange character that lasted about 2 weeks.
Darn, i had another one but i forget it, oh well, when i think of it i will post it.
Fun thread,
P.S. If there seriously is Japanese Kung Fu somebody tell me . It would be Karate right??
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