We've also had our share of memorable students. Please allow me a stroll down memory lane:

1)There was the self-absorbed male model who never met a mirror he didn't like. He was also a big, muscular steroid user, and often abused the lower ranks with whom he trained. He out-ranked me (he was an intermediate student, I was a white belt), and he was also half my age and twice my size. So, I was a favorite target. One day, some of us overheard him strongly encouraging a young, impressionable lad to use steroids to get big. Needless to say, he didn't last much longer at our dojo.

2)There was the cognitively-challenged, emotionally disturbed paranoid personality disorder with a sense of entitlement (no, I'm not kidding), who believed that everyone was against him and that he was destined to own the dojo. He resented everyone who out-ranked him, because in his mind, they were competition for the attention and affection of the dojo owner. He disrupted many classes, and undermined the senior students at every opportunity. Sensei finally got tired of it and changed the locks on the doors. The little creep then went to the Human Rights Commission and claimed we threw him out because he was gay. That was quite a surprise to us, as he spent an entire weekend at a summer training camp chasing one of our female students like a dog in heat. And we've got the pictures to prove it. (Honest, guys, you can't make this stuff up.)

3)Finally, there was "Fart-Man". No, it wasn't Howard Stern's crime-fighting alter-ego. This guy passed gas as regularly as he breathed, an important life function that soon became very difficult for the rest of us, by the way. He had no qualms about ripping one off, didn't matter if it was loud or silent but deadly. We literally had to hold our nose as we walked through the dojo after class, spraying Lysol or some other room deodorizor throughout the building. I know, the poor guy probably had some kind of intestinal condition that caused him to pass gas so much. However, he refused to take our advise and see a doctor. In fact, he even denied that he had a problem. Last I heard, he was a missionary somewhere in South America.
Gino has left the building.