well... I don't teach (obviously) but there are a couple people I train(ed) with that I think may fall under this catagory (God forbid any of them find this site!)

* this one girl in my class, comes in late (when she comes at all) complains she's too tired from "girl guides" to do regular class so she asks if we can meditate or do cartwheels instead. Also at our last grading she broke a couple of MAJOR rules that had me wondering why she got her next belt (i.e. talking, trying to talk to people doing kata! Asking if she "made it" or not, ect.)

* This guy in my class (well ok he's my friend) comes in, and goes through emotional cycles ranging from extremely hyper, to sometimes worryingly depressed. All the while talking about how "emo" and "goth" he is. Also, while he's really not a bad person he sometimes gets annoying when he's talking to me before class. Because he's either telling people how I "constantly beat on him" <- I don't. Or he's poking fun at me because of ONE thing I EVER told him about (which I won't repeat here) that was supposed to have been kept private.

* myself, while I don't think of myself as "The worst possible students....EVER" I think I could really improve my self disciplin and work on my control in sparring, aswell as be more focused in kata and such. I should also learn to stop being such a braggart after tournaments, like today I felt so proud of myself I could almost feel a chip growing onto my shoulder.

Well anyways, good idea for a thread, ttyl!

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