anyone care to share your nightmare stories of the students from Hell?

* We had a guy with a spitting habit...on the dojo floor. the same guy used to blow snot rockets on the wall or wipe it on his Gi. He quit in less than a year.

* we had a tall overweight 30-something eagle boy scout who still lived with his mother. constantly complained red-in-the-face when you hit him too hard. nickname: Baby Huey. lasted 6 months.

* biker guy. sortof cool but slightly crazy personality. in the dojo he was an over-intense A-hole. (he made it to green belt and quit -we later found out he was in jail). He insisted on full-contact to people joining on their first week. always smelled like weed. and when he laughed, moose would come out of nearby woods thinking they've found a mate. always forgot to take his rings off before kumite. always had problems with dues.

Sooner or later in your training, you are bound to see a few people cross your path that cause you to ask yourself... WTF was THAT?

lets hear 'em.