I have been training in Yong Sung Lee Hapmudo(a new form of Hapkido - www.Hapmudo.net) And I will be testing for my purple belt on saturday. Once I recieve my purple belt, my contract becomes void and I must pay another $1.4k for a new contract and I have been thinking about exploring other martial arts before I fork over all that money for another year of training. Don't get me wrong, I love my studio, I love my art, and I love my instructors, but the courses are quite pricey. So, I have been looking around for a good style for me to look into, and since I am Jewish, I was thinking of checking out Krav Maga. I am looking for a style that is very practical and brutal, with joint locks, submission holds, throwing, and of course sparring. I was wondering if Krav Maga had these aspects of fighting within it. The two Krav Maga schools that I am looking at are: http://www.graciemd.com/ and http://www.kravmd.com/index.php

I am closer to the first school's new location once they have it set up in february.

Please look at all three of the websites here if you can, and also, I would really appreciate it if you could rate the two schools that I posted from 1-10 based on their sites. I will of course go and visit each school in person, but I would still appreciate knowing what all of you think about them as well. Thanks in advance! ^_^
Proud student of Grandmaster Yong Sung Lee, founder of Hapmudo