Ha! Thought that subject would get your attention.

I apologize firsthand for this ridiculous question, but I'm genuinely concerned about something. My own safety.

Heres the scoop. I work for a fast food joint, as I've complained of before, and one of my co-workers a few days ago told me about her time as a cheerleader back in high school. I simply rolled my eyes at first, until she related stories of backflips and all that crazy stuff I always wished I was agile and limber enough to do.

When she noticed my growing interest, she then suggested I learn, and she'd teach me! Apparently, she'd done that plenty of times before with other cheerleaders in the past (Hey now, don't laugh. Who wouldn't want to know how to back flip!)

My concern is ...is learning how to do such acrobatics really something I should put into the hands of a retired cheerleader?? Last thing I want to do is break my neck, but dag nabbit, I wanna backflip!

Laugh, make jokes, poke fun, do it all, but throw something worthwhile in there.

Regards, -Ket "Life is a myriad of probabilities. Living is a plethora of possibility."