I think I understand what you trying to say 1961, and my reply would be that martial arts is being eroded by people who make a big deal of shall we say the "glam" side of karate - the headbands, pictures of grizzly bears and dragons, karate belts and kung fu uniforms, poor quality technique demonstrated on video (and I would not be ripping the s**t out of these guys so much if I hadn't witnessed their techniques on these videos). These people do not strike me as being competent martial artists. They might love martial arts and train hard like the rest of us but thats not enough and I think the videos they have produced speak for themselves on that point.

I think it is our duty to discourage the practice of poor standards and a pre-occupation with all the bs that goes with the martial arts and that's what I'm doing with my critisms of these people.

On a side note I do not find this website "interesting" at all apart from the historic video clips of master Shimabuku. I would not want to learn anything from these guys as a student.