The idea of the Point of the Week posts is to stimulate discussion of the manipulation and application of a specific PP in actual combat. The PP's are workable within all MA systems and their study will greatly enhance the effectiveness of ALL arts. However, you must first have an advanced understanding of your art before you begin looking at PP's!

Here is a basic guide to PP attacks. Please pay close attention to the Safety section.

Conception Vessel 14/CV14 or Ju Que (Great Tower Gate)

This weeks Point of the Week is Conception Vessel 14 or CV14 for short. It is of Yin polarity and is CV14 is an Alarm point for the Heart. Its located on the abdominal muscles here .


The abdominal muscles have developed to be able to withstand direct strikes very well. A well conditioned athelete with a six pack will probably be able to absorb a good strike to the abs. So this CV14 is offered a lot of natural protection, thus striking in at a 90 degree will not yield great results. The trick with this point is to hit downward at 45 degree angle with a sharp focussed strike, that will return a statisfying "Umph" from your opponent.

Hitting with a focussed strike into CV14 will knock the wind out of your opponent causing their upper body to lurch and bring their head forwards. The diaphragm will go into a state of panic causing an extremely shallow winded breathing pattern, making it difficult for your opponent to take in the oxygen needed to mount an attack.

In TCM this point is used to diagnose problems with the Heart and it is written that a strike here may trigger a cardiac arrest. Either way this point severely impairs the opponents ability to use their body effectively and causes a great deal of shock.


As always applications are always subjective and to be used as a basis to stimulate thought.

Ok, first a quick test for you. Grab a partner, tense up that six pack (or keg as the case maybe) and have someone strike you to CV14 staight in at a 90 degree angle straight towards the spine. Take a mental note. Now have them do the same strike with the same power, but this time strike in at a 45 degree angle, in and down. Make sure that you do not have anything in your mouth because its going to coming out if they hit you properly! Now you've got a new party trick to try on people....but only tell them about the 90 degree strike though!

The obvious application for this point is a punch straight in. A focussed sharp strike will have the best effect. This will destroy the entire body posture and open up loads of follow up strikes.

For close quarter fighting a short sharp elbow is ideal way of hitting CV14. It works even better if the opponent is stretched out backwards from a strike such palm heel or rising elbow, something that will knock the head back.

From a hunched over perspective it maybe possible to get the angle for a front kick or a knee coming up and under, but I feel that perosnally from this position better targets will be available.
Gavin King
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