Okay, I said I'd do this, so here it is. Today is the 21st, which is the beginning of my new gym cycle. Here's my last cycle's stats:

Monday + Friday: Legs + Abs
Heavy Squats (4*6)
Abduction (3*15)
Adduction (3*15)
Ab Crunchy (4*8)

Tuesday + Saturday: Upper body
Chest press (4*8)
Weighted tricep dips (4*8)
Lat Pull Down (4*6)

Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday:
TKD training
2 days I ran to TKD, about 3 miles
Sometimes I miss a TKD session, I never miss gym sessions.


My new cycle:

Monday + Friday: Legs + Abs
Heavy Squats (5*6)
Ab Crunchy (5*8)
Calf Raises (4*8)

Tuesday + Saturday: Upper body
Bench Press (4*8)
Seated Row (4*8)
Seated Bicep Curl (4*8)
Shoulder Press (4*8)

Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday:
Taekwon-do training
no longer running there (don't want to catch illness over the winter)

Diet: No dairy, otherwise concentrating on plenty of protein. Avoiding non-protein-rich fatty foods, but eating plenty of nuts and meat.

Start Date: 21st October 2005
Finish Date: 21st February 2005

Targets: 140kg Squat (up 20kg)
80kg Bench Press (up 10kg)
I won't set any more targets for now.

SO there you have it. In a moment I'll post today's session, but I'd rather have it in a different post. Too bad I'll have to wait 5 mins for flood control

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