you understand Shakespear, huh? something of a pervert, isn't he?

Anyhow, your response in this situation was not inappropriate. There is a difference between "being the bigger person" and "sitting there and taking it" - you cannot allow someone to continue bullying you. It shows a lack of respect for yourself, and that's what encourages further disrespect from the bully. I also believe that you were right in deciding not to hit him -and whether you "wound up" or not, the right decision is always better late than never.

I can see that you've worked through all this, but for anyone else who finds themselves in a similar situatuion, keep in mind that what you did was not successful because it was violent: it was successful because you showed that you were not willing to be a victim. It is very easy to misinterpret violence as a "solution" in situations like these. If you had allowed yourself to slug the next bully that came along, you would have soon been the bully yourself. especially when you're young, don't rely too much on your ability to make a "measured response." Even adults get carried away with this.
Adrian USKO Riverside dojo/ Madison Elem. after-school