Avalon and chickenchaser,

Thank you both for your posts, yeah things are much different now in highschool (for now) and I'm still considered a little weird (dyed red hair, vegitarian, martial artist, can actually understand Shakespear, ect.) but there are so many OTHER weird people surrounding me, no one seems to care much


The reason I just sat and took it was because I came from a very violent home and my experience with violence was that others who were bigger and stronger would escalate it until the weapons came out. Nothing was ever settled with a scrap. It was a fight to the death (or 'til the cops came!). So, I didn't want this sort of thing happening at school either.

I'm really sorry to hear that you had to grow up with this kind of thing in your life , although as you said you turned out fine, and it gave you the experience to help others, and that's a good thing .


You'll get there as well. I actually am surprised at your age; from your well-composed posts throughout the forum I thought you were older


that shows maturity beyond your age

I get that ALOT even when people see me face to face they think I'm 17+ but thank you all the same as far as actual maturity goes... well... I'll get back to you guys on that

Thank you both for your thoughts (haha and I thought this thread was dead ) Well anyways thank you, your posts made my day a little better, and made me smile <- see? Well anyways thanks and ttyl

New hieghts are achieved once you have the courage to leave the ground