dude whoa,

I'm not going from post to post to attack you,but your holier than thou attitude and bowing is making me puke. Telling me what should or should not be beneath me also irritates me. I told her what and I stand by it. Maybe it others you that I stand by my convictions.? I see that you stand by your so called pacifism,but only physical,right?

*pukes irritatingly*

Yes only physically, Would you like to come and call me a coward outright. Sanchin you are really starting to bore me with your attitude. You do not advocate what all MA try to teach by encouraging violence (something that I think should be beneath all martial artists), but yes you stick to your Guns, I respect your opinion, just offering a different train of thought, a man should always stand by his convictions. I am not to proud to apologise for upsetting you, and I do so now. I will not however apologise for what I said or think, you will just have to understand that and deal with it as best you can. If my posts or attitude bother you, just dont read my posts or dont respond. Simple and effective way to end all this, that is what I would do (also pacifism.....no?).

*H2whoa turns and strides away from sanchin, with no further desire to engage and be bored by personal attacks *
No matter how fashionable it is on Krypton, I will not wear my underwear on the outside of my Gi!!