Yes I am a pacifist, that seems to offend you. Do you travel from post to post looking to make personal comments about me. I think you need a new hobby, it is rather boring sanchin. That sort of thing should be beneath you sanchin. I choose to ignore your personal comments....

I hope that you will forgive me for interjecting an observation, and accept it in the respectful manner I intend it.

Your response appears not to embody the principles of pacifism, love and tolerance that you claim to hold so dear.

A point you may chose to reflect upon.


You are right, my pacifism is directed towards physical conflict, I do hold it dear and all its teachings...I however am working on the non physical confrontation, my words may be harsher than I would normally allow, but I find snide comments from Sanchin everywhere I post... even pacifists can have bad days. I would never confront anyone physically or non physically unless provoked, never initiate only retaliate. I was just retaliating. I do however thank you for pointing it out to me, and commend you in the respectful manner in which you have done so. I will take it into consideration and will try to improve my character.

Thank You!!

*bows deeply and respectfully*
No matter how fashionable it is on Krypton, I will not wear my underwear on the outside of my Gi!!