I am not a pacifist so if we aren't seeing eye to eye on this let me know. -Nikki

I dont think if we arent seeing "eye to eye" it is a problem nikki, feel free to state whatever you want to me and do not worry I will only draw you into a debate, I am not one of those who will be abusive towards you, everyone is entitled to an opinion, and to air them out.


Not everyone can be Mahatma Ghandi, nor should everyone want to be.

True not everyone can be ghandi, but I think we should strive to follow the teachings of men like him, christ , bhudda ,martial arts were founded on religious principles, principles of love and tolerance and non violence!

*bows repectfully*
No matter how fashionable it is on Krypton, I will not wear my underwear on the outside of my Gi!!