I am not a pacifist so if we aren't seeing eye to eye on this let me know. For one thing, this punk kid was not exactly a tyrant or gangster so he really didn't have anyone backing him up on this (which is even more stupid than doing something like that to begin with) this was probably because he expected me to just sit there and take his crap (I guess I left him a little dissapointed ) and finally, if he "liked" me I don't think the proper way to go about it would be calling me "a fat ugly whore" do you? Sorry if I sound cynical or angry with this, but after everything happened people kept comming up to me asking me if I liked HIM! However I think I know where you're comming from with your post, you just kind of hit a soft spot there. So I'm sorry for any excess aggression emminating from this post it's directed at him (and FYI I had let go of the grudge until about the last day of grade eight when he wrote in my year book about what happened,and here's a hint it wasn't an apology. this time I did nothing)
New hieghts are achieved once you have the courage to leave the ground