Words, minor shoves or hostile looks are not appropriate for a violent response. They are a time to pity the bully for the unhappy life he/she must live that make him/her so.

I disagree, this only escalates the problem. Namecalling turns into poking , poking turns into shoving , shoving turns into etc. etc.etc... Cut the problem off before more happens.

When I was in 8th grade a bully sat behind me at a pep rally. He started calling me names, then pushing my head from behind. As we left the pep rally he followed me up the stairs tripping me the whole way. When I got to my locker he stood behind me antagonizing me,then wham,he shoved my head into my locker. I turned around and let him have it good until a teacher pulled me off of him. After that he wanted to be friends,so we did.
At what point should I have reacted? When it started or when I got a bruise from my locker? What if one of his friends stabbed me in the neck with a fork?
Maybe I should have said "Thankyou, may I have another."
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