You must learn to be bigger than the enemy!! In this case you were wrong, untill attacked (I doubt a ruler to the side would cause grevious bodily harm), never respond. You are only feeding the monster. What if his friends/girlfriend hit you from the back or stabbed you with a cafeteria utensil!! Think carefully before acting!! Sanchin, you should know better than to encourage violence!

Do you have some kind of superiority complex or something?
What if? What if? What if the principle would have thrown her our the third floor window? I think she did just fine. If you sit around and take it,it will get worse. Noone was hurt by her action except the bully's pride.
Yes goju girl,next time do nothing,just let the hyena's eat you.

Get off your high horse,it's making me ill. I don't promote violence,but when someone acts on you,you don't just sit there and take it.
"Here comes the tyrant to raid the village!!!" "It's ok Martha, we're die hard pacifist til' the end. What if his buddies get us from behind when we fight back?"

*gags internally*
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