Hi there, well I'm new here and I dunno I guess I just feel I should post something about myself to get started in the forum, and let you guys know I'm here. So here's a little story about me:

In grade seven I was always considered "the weird kid". While no one said it to my face I could tell by the way the talked... AT me. Not to say I had no friends, I had and still have great friends, but I'm talking about the school wide majority. Well one day someone gets the bright idea to let me know what was on his small mind.

It was right after a math test (my worst subject) he started poking fun at me. Calling me ugly, fat, loner, druggy, basically any mean/derrogatory name he could possibly think of. well by the time lunch rolled around he had run out of names and just started to say my name very fast while poking me with a ruler.

I don't know exactly what made me snap, but something in my mind (I think my common sense) flipped off. The next thing I knew I had backed him into the wall grabbed the neck of his shirt and was winding my arm for a punch to the nose. But then I heard a faint *riiip* sound, it was the seam of his shirt, and I came back to reality, I put my arm down, and just said "BACK OFF" and went to the washroom to wipe away the tears, I always get mad at myself for doing stupid things and usually end up crying, but not quite as much as of last year (grade eight). So yes, from then on for the rest of the seventh grade I was regarded as "the she hulk", "The shirt ripper", and some genious even called me a rapist (but one not so nice glare shut him up).

I guess this one thought has always bugged me...
why did I snap? Was I in the right? Any insights? My friends are too biased for me to ask.

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