in my class, we do a lot of drills that involve breaking out of a wrist grab/headlock/choke etc. i am having difficulty with a particular grab from outside of my reference -
when someone grabs your wrist from the side, instead of "hitchiking out" we are taught to pull away with what is basically an elbow chop in the opposite direction, bringing your entire body with you, to escape. if you do not keep your elbows in while executing this technique, you stand a good chance of twisting out your shoulder = painful. with most students, i have been able to pull this off, but today i paired off with a guy with a particularly strong grip and realized quickly that i could NOT escape this way. it worked when i twisted my wrist in toward him, which gave my arm back, but it wasn't at all the technique we were shown. i'm pretty sure i did it right - it just seems like this doesn't work against an opponent with a steel grip. any thoughts?