Hey guys,

In my classes we do partner stretches for side-kick, Round Kick, and Front Kick. For Front kick, we put our leg on our partners shoulder and then hold the hand of the opposite shoulder than the one that our leg is on, and then they pull backwards to stretch us out. For side kick we do a similar motion, except for we are doing a side-kick. For round kick, the partner goes behind us and grabs our thigh and pulls backwards when we are in the roung kick motion. EX. I am round kicking with my right leg, my leg is not extended, they are behind me, put their right leg next to my left leg, and pull back on my thigh for three seconds.

Now, when I do these partner stretches, I can easily do all of my kicks to the head, I am not lacking in flexibility. But when I am sparring, or practicing my kicks on a wavemaster or other punching bags, I am unable to kick nearly as high as I am able to during partner stretches. I also have noticed that I cannot hold my kicks long if I am trying to hold them up higher than my waist. I do not have great balance, if you judged my balance form a 1 - 10, it would be around a 7. I realize that balance probably factors into my problem with kicking high, but I am wondering if the problem lies in strength? If anyone has any ideas of what the problem could be, and/or what I could do to fix it, please let me know. Thanks ^_^
Proud student of Grandmaster Yong Sung Lee, founder of Hapmudo