Hello martial arts enthusiasts,

Is there a 'squeeze' or 'tiger claw' or 'pinch' etc. technique that can be used to render an opponent unconscious using pressure points? This doesn't have to turn into a discussion about stomach 9 etc. Any technique that achieves this should be mentioned.

Now don't assume I'm one of the denihilists - I know that pressure points exist, however I am particularly skeptical of one move I continue to hear people rave about on forums. Certain people seem to believe they can knock people unconscious without striking them with a knife hand, or punch etc. Yes, I am well aware this can be achieved through the use of a choke such as the "sleeper hold" by that I am referring to rear naked chokes and the like. But these 'experts' seem to believe that they can "squeeze...hold and twist...tiger claw grab...pinch..." etc. to cause a non-fatal (ideally) knockout. I was disturbed when I heard this and did some research. A fellow by the name of Master Erle Montaigue featured an interesting article that did seem to confirm this.

"E. What about the 'just touching' the area to cause knock out can that be done and why.

PL Any doctor can do that to the carotid sinus to cause knock out with just a finger touch."


I come from a very blunt school of hand to hand defensive tactics - whatever works inside the law, goes. Obviously in my profession we did not enjoy the 'tear off ear' freedom of military special operations units such as NZSAS but we were still very to the point. Is there a possible and reliable technique that does this no bs?

My name is A. Tamati - thanks for your input