OK, my question, as you've probably guessed is about Heian Yondan!! (Or at least one part of it!) I'll try and explain which bit so forgive me if I ramble!

Right, it's about the bit where you are in back stance at 45 deg with left leg forward and arms in front, hand out elbows in stylie! (Hope your with me so far.....) Then you do right leg Mae Geri followed by Oi Zuki then Gyaku Zuki.

My question is, when you've done the Mae Geri and you land the first punch, should your right arm have chambered before punching or is it ok to punch from the position your hands are in, ie out in front of you. To me it sort of feels more natural to do this but if it comes from the hip does it have more power/effect, more to the point which is right?

Apologise if this makes no sense at all I've not been learning the kata long!!!

I'd really appreciate any help on this, THANKS
Back off or I'll open a can of whoop ass!!