Hi John,

That kind of freaked me out....I thought, wow, some guy has just posted exactly what John has just emailed me.....I hadn't had my cup of tea yet! Welcome to the forum mate, it'd be great to have someone of your experience posting up here! Think you're the first from Mr Morris's clan!

The vibration is a great addition to the push into TW17. Basically it pulses the pain created so the brain doesn't get a chance to become accustom to it. Its pretty scary how quickly the body adpats to pain levels, by vibrating the pain in the bodys pain register is effectively going, "On", "Off, "On", "Off"....etc....the body is sent in a state of confusion as it trys to work out how to react to the stimulus. This works with any PP that responds to pressing, and is essential if you are trying to keep someone compliant for any period of time. Ideal for Doorman and LEO's! Just remember the words of caution already mentioned in this thread.

The vibration is actually the way I'm doing wake ups at work. It requires a lot less pressure to get them to respond. Less pressure, more saftey!

Thanks for the input John!

Gavin King
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