The idea of the Point of the Week posts is to stimulate discussion of the manipulation and application of a specific PP in actual combat. The PP's are workable within all MA systems and their study will greatly enhance the effectiveness of ALL arts. However, you must first have an advanced understanding of your art before you begin looking at PP's!

Here is a basic guide to PP attacks. Please pay close attention to the Safety section.

Triple Warmer 17/TW17 or Yi Feng (Wind Screen)

This weeks point of the week is Triple Warmer*** 17 or TW17 for short. It is located on a Fire meridian and is of Yang polarity according to TCM theory. It is located on the back of the jaw hinge here.

This point is listed in the 36 Vital points of the Bubishi.

***The Triple Warmer meridian is also referred to as the Triple Burner or Triple Heater meridian and maybe abreviated as TB or TH respectively on some acupoint charts.


TW17 is an extremely effective point which is activated at 90 degree angle, and responds to both striking and pressing. When striking a dull heavy impact will produce the greatest effect.

Striking this point will result in extreme shock being sent into the brain causing disorientation, unconsciousness and possibly death. Due to TW17's location it is also likely that a forceful strike will dislocate the jaw.

When pressed TW17 will cause intense localised pain and force the recipient to try to move away from the pain.

TW17 is also extremely useful for Doorman and LEO's attempting wake drunks. This should be done with caution though as it can be a rather rude and painful awakening for someone who could become agressive.


As always applications are always subjective and to be used as a basis to stimulate thought.

Off a straight punch if you slip to the outside TW17 can be a very viable target. Depending on how far you manage to go round to your opponents rear will determine the strike used to hit it. An accurate back fist is ideal hitting in if you need to create the extra angle. If you manage to swing round far enough a palm heel will hit in nicely. However a vertical fist slots perfectly into TW17.

Slipping to the inside of a punch TW17 can be struck using an Outer Block style movement to strike with the medial side of the fist. Again this slots in very well, especially when using LI10 as the set up. LI10 will really open up TW17 from both a posture and energetic point of view.

This point can also be struck using a leopard paw style strike, hooking in and using the middle knuckles to impact. This would work extremely well off a hook. This is an application for the Tai Chi movement "Tiger Boxes Ears" which is a double strike into TW17 on both sides of the body which is considered to be a finishing move.

When pressing TW17 is superb for digging in with the thumb from behind, this will cause the body to move away from the pain. This results in stretching the body out, making it a lovely set up for a follow up attack. It is a superb point for ensuring compliancy of an aggressor.

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