Following on from BuDoc's thread I am just curious to know in addition to what your favourite/most valued kata is, what principles you actually feel it has to offer.

I'm just looking for a little more background into peoples choices as its always interesting to get different views on a form.

For myself I chose Naihanchi (all 3 into one form) and for me this form epitomises the movement principles of Karate, i.e how to step, generate power over long and short range, grounding, body shifting throwing kicking techniques etc

As far as combat the multilayered applications of this form give you basic technique and concepts for long and mid range fighting (using legs to enter and momentum to maximise hand techniques) before exploding into a complex evasive and devastating close quarter striking system centred in blindsiding and imobilising the opponent which builds out of the entries developed in the long/mid range basics.
It's Shotokan not Shoto-can't!!!