Hey guys,

I have been studying the martial art "Hapmudo" which was founded by 9th Degree Hapkido Black Belt, Grandmaster Yong Song Lee. I have been studying Hapmudo for the past year and whenever I spar (we do point sparring with armor and such), by instinct I allways tend to do sliding round kicks rather than a skip or sliding sidekick. I have noticed that because of this, I usually do make contact, but, no one notices because my opponent usually hits me in the head, and it is more obvious to see a head shot, than a body shot. So, I am wondering, what could I do to perhaps strengthen my sidekicks and train myself so that my sidekick becomes more natural for me? I am right handed and tend to fight with my right leg in front. I use my left hand to guard my head area, and my right hand to guard my lower body. I tend to lead with my right hand when punching. Anyways, if you have any questions about Hapmudo, check out the website: www.Hapmudo.net

Thx again for your Help.
Proud student of Grandmaster Yong Sung Lee, founder of Hapmudo