Personally speaking, I really think you would be hard-pressed to find a better krav maga instructor in North America than Jay Pachl at Krav Maga Seattle ( He has 20 years of experience and is an incredible instructor. He is fully linked in with the International Krav Maga Federation, and has done training seminars in Europe as well as across North America, with "regular" people as well as law enforcement and military, in addition to his "normal" classes here in Seattle. And he is in constant contact and colloboration with the Israelis who run IKMF ( (don't forget the "-" in between "krav" and "maga"). This is in North Seattle, not downtown or the East Side. I am neither a great athlete nor a great self-defense practitioner, but I have learned a LOT - by which I mean a LOT - from Jay and the phenomenal group as a whole at KM Seattle. The classes are in my opinion the best value in the city of Seattle.

- One extraordinarly satisfied KM practioner